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Newest Donahue Group Member, 2018!

Dr. Satyendra Kumar

July 2018: Congrats Dr. Patricia Fontenot on your successful defense!

ACS NOLA, March 2018: Bo, Patricia, Malathy and Antony (Left to right)

Dr. Stephen Sproules, University of Glasgow, joined us over the Summer (2015) as a Visiting Professor! We will miss you Stephen!


Sky's Defense Reception 2014


Patricia Fontenot at the Fundemental Science for Alternative Energy Summer School 2014
(2nd row, 6th from the right).
Image courtesy of https://www.telluridescience.org/meetings/workshop-details?wid=456
Angel Greene at the CENTC Summer School 2013 (4th row, 4th from the left).
Image courtesy of CENTC http://depts.washington.edu/centc/education_summerschool.php



Yong's Defense and Reception



Upul's Defense and Reception



ACS Philly Summer 2012


Upcoming Events


Friday, Apr 19

Research presentation : J. Taylor

Israel 502 3:00 PM

Friday, Apr 26

Individual Meetings

With JPD

Friday, May 03

Research presentation : C. Wu

Israel 502 3:00 PM

Friday, May 10

Individual Meetings

With JPD

Friday, May 17

Research presentation : S. Kumar

Israel 502 3:00 PM


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Currently, there are no open Postdoctoral positions in the Donahue Group. Although, positions may open up in the future as needed.


For Future Inquiries, please mail your CV and other materials to:


James P. Donahue

Department of Chemistry

Tulane University

6400 Freret St.

New Orleans, LA 70118


Dr. Bo Wang's defense
celebration: March 2019
Congrats Bo!


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